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PRS Medya is a TV programs production company who also owns the format of “V&T VISIT TO BE TREATED” which is one and only reality health tourism TV program in the world. In our program, patients who live abroad come to Turkey and are hosted in V&T house. Sponsor hospitals and doctors attend to the needs of our guests with the help of the state of the art technology. Post treatment, our patients who have treated…
PRS Medya Sağlık Turizmi
As a result of rapid globalization in healthcare services, humankind was introduced with the new form of medical tourism, and the direction of new medical tourism is completely different than the traditional one. In the old form of medical tourism, people travel to the developed countries to get advanced treatment that is not possible in their less developed countries; whereas, this condition reversed with the emergence of new form.
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PRS Medya, is the vanguard of health tourism. Health tourism is not just new in Turkey, but also it is new in the World. PRS Medya has gained undisputed experiences thanks to TV programs broadcasted in abroad, partnerships with Middle East, Arabian Peninsula and Europe, and also by building relationships with health and patient organizations.
PRS Medya Sağlık Hizmetleri
V&T Genetics, the key to your health! Human genetic code is cracked. This revolutionary innovation, which has helped us to cure many diseases like cancer, obesity, depression and aging, is now in Turkey. V&T Genetics cracks your genetic code with a special kit that is sent to you by cargo, takes a sample of your DNA and runs the genetictests that you want in the highly technological labs that are state of the art with...
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